Season One

Brother, Where Art Thou? Galen, Joel, Gwyllgi and a Knightshade break into Andreas Roth's office

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Chapter One: I Want My Mummy (Case)

Earth Colony World Badonicus, 2682 AD

London, England, Earth, 1923 AD

The first story of the campaign introduces Cypher, Andreas Roth, and Charlie Longwood. It begins in the late twenty-seventh century, on the planet Badonicus, a frozen Earth colony world shrouded in perpetual twilight. Andreas Roth is using the facilities of Badonicus' vast University to experiment with various items of Osiran technology found among the relics of ancient Egypt. His experiments aren't going well; he's discovered a time corridor generator disguised as a mummy case, but it burned out after a single uncontrolled activation that sucked away everything in the lab that wasn't nailed down. The only other potentially useful bit of technology in the collection is a scanner, most of whose readings the Alexandrian Society's scientists can't understand.

They have, however, figured out the symbols that mean, "there's a time machine somewhere nearby" thanks to their one success with the mummy case. Which proves very unfortunate for Cypher when he lands on Badonicus, piloting a trio of Time Lord academics who are there to study the colony's history. Roth captures all four Time Lords and tries to force them to repair the mummy case. Cyper attempts to destroy it by overloading it instead, but the massive power surge that results from his sabotage sucks him - and everything in the lab that isn't nailed down - into a time corridor, just before the mummy case blows up.

Andreas Roth's lab is wrecked in the explosion, but he still has three Time Lord prisoners, whom he forces to design the Alexandrian Society's primitive time machines. In a choice irony, he then uses the first prototype to kidnap its three inventors. Their TARDIS returns to Gallifrey automatically when its sensors register that there are no longer any Gallifreyan life signs on Badonicus, leaving the High Council with the impression that all four members of the group have perished.

Cypher, meanwhile, comes out of the time corridor in the London headquarters of Torchwood One in 1923. Ironically, Torchwood is conducting a research project almost identical to the Alexandrian Society's; looking for usable alien technology in the relics of ancient Egypt - relics which are flooding into Britain thanks to the orgy of archaeological looting which has followed the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in the previous year. Finding himself trapped on early twentieth-century Earth without a TARDIS, Cypher agrees to become a Torchwood operative, hoping thereby to limit the damage that they can do to the Earth's time line. He partners with another Torchwood agent, Charlotte("Charlie") Longwood, in a sort of Steed-and-Mrs.Peel relationship.

Chapter Two: Shades of Knight

Poland, 1944 AD

The second story moves the focus to Cypher's younger brother, Galen, shortly after he escapes a sentence of exile with the help of his new K9 unit, Gwyllgi. Galen finds a message waiting for him in the decommissioned Type 49 TARDIS that he's managed to "liberate" from Gallifrey...

Hello, there! As Lord President I'm officially obliged to be terribly cross with you for taking and driving away a TARDIS without permission, but I'm resigning as Lord President with immediate effect, and anyway, pot and kettle, eh? Besides, I don't think anyone will miss the old thing, especially now that K9's changed the Matrix records to show that it was retired from service three days ago. Wouldn't hurt to confuse the trail a bit, though. There's a time rift on Earth that should do the job nicely (coordinates attached). You might want to find out what caused it while you're at it - always meant to do that myself, but I never got around to it, what with one thing and another.

Just one other thing. I don't know if you've ever heard of the Silurians? Don't worry if you haven't; silly name anyway, wrong period altogether. That's humans for you, don't know their Anthropocene from their Eocene half the time. Anyway, where was I... oh, yes. Well, the long and the short of it is, rather a lot of innocent people are going to die unless someone helps them, and for various reasons I'll need to have an awfully difficult conversation with Lethbridge-Stewart if I do it, so I was hoping you'd step up to the plate. See the briefing note that K9 has helpfully appended to this message for details.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do

The Doctor

Feeling obliged to follow the Doctor's advice - after all, he never would have escaped if the Doctor hadn't helped him to build Gwyllgi - Galen lands his TARDIS near the time rift. He finds himself in in a forest in southern Poland in 1944, near a small, run-down castle that was supposedly built by the Teutonic Knights some time in the fifteenth century.

Soon after he lands, Galen is captured by a unit of the Armia Krajowa, the resistance movement loyal to the Polish government-in-exile in London. The Poles are a special intelligence squad who are here to spy on the large SS contingent which has taken up residence in the old castle. Over the past few months, ever-increasing numbers of men, and huge amounts of materiel and equipment, have disappeared inside the grim grey walls of the fortress, and both British Intelligence and the Polish government want to know what the SS are up to inside. Galen guesses uneasily that it might have something to do with the time rift, and joins forces with the Polish Resistance fighters to investigate.

Galen's suspicions are justified. The time rift stretches from 1944 to 1238, and the SS have figured out a way to use it as a "gateway" to travel back into the past. With the Soviet Armies rolling back Germany's victories in Russia and threatening the Fatherland itself, the SS has formed a desperate plan to change the course of history. They intend to send a force armed with modern weapons back to help the Teutonic Knights win the Battle of the Ice against the Russians in 1242, and then conquer the whole of Russia, destroying Stalin's empire centuries before it can be born.

There are too many German troops in the castle for a frontal assault to succeed, and in any case, an attack by the Polish Resistance is bound to provoke savage reprisals against the local civilian population. So Galen decides instead to use the SS' own superstitious fantasies against it. Using the stolen Sontaran equipment in his TARDIS, he builds a group of android "knights" with weapons and equipment modelled on those of the Teutonic Knights, circa 1238. For added verisimilitude, he equips them with holographic Shimmers that make them appear as mummified or rotted corpses. And for extra punch, he adds another Shimmer to Gwyllgi, one that allows the robot dog to appear as a spectral hellhound.

As Galen hopes, the SS assume that there must be some kind of direct connection between the time portal to 1238 and "undead" attackers from the same era. The robotic Halloween grotesques distract their forces long enough for Galen to seal the fissure using his TARDIS dimensional stabilizer. The collapse not only destroys the castle, but removes it from Earth's time line altogether.

But Galen is left with a mystery. What caused the time fissure in the first place? He doesn't have any direct proof, but before one of the android knights was destroyed in a pitched battle with the SS, it transmitted a blurred and incomplete image of something that might - just might - have been a Time Vector Generator in the crypt of the castle. A Time Vector Generator of distinctively Gallifreyan design...

Chapter Three: The Rutan Strain

Deep space, near the gas giant Teshub, 2492 AD

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Galen and Gwyllgi's adventures continue in the third story. They try to hijack a Mechonoid colonizing ship, intending to program the Mechonoids to build a refugee colony for the Silurians that the Doctor has asked them to rescue. Unfortunately, a group of space pirates called the Lyttell Geste have the same idea. They want to use the robots to maintain and expand their hidden bases and ships. Galen agrees to help them in exchange for sharing access to the Mechonoids, and ends up involved in a plot by a renegade Sontaran General to seize control of Earth's emerging empire. At the end of this story, Galen and Gwyllgi are joined by Joel Pearce, one of the Lyttell Geste pirates

Chapter Four: One of Our Submarines is Missing

Earth, northern Europe and the American Pacific Northwest, 1970s or 1980s depending on the dating protocol

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The fourth story sees Galen, Gwyllgi and Joel Pearce allying with UNIT to defeat a Silurian plot to erase humanity from history, after Galen's plan to rescue the population of a Silurian shelter goes disastrously wrong

Chapter Five: Brother, Where Art Thou?

Colony World Badonicus, 2682 AD

In the fifth story, Galen goes looking for the truth about his brother's supposed death. Landing on Badonicus, he detects two sources of artron energy - one in the university (the residual effects of the exploding mummy case), and the other in an area of frozen wasteland about thirty klicks outside the city, which the planetary database lists as unclaimed wilderness.

Since the second of the two is clearly some kind of illegal settlement, Joel Pearce volunteers to infiltrate the planet's underworld, reasoning that only a fairly prominent criminal gang would have the resources to set up a private, off-the-grid base. Galen, meanwhile, enrols at the University of Badonicus under a fake ID. That proves a mistake; Andreas Roth has discovered the distinctive characteristics of Gallifreyan physiology and installed hidden sensors all over the campus to search for them. It doesn't take him long to capture Galen and transport him to the Alexandrian Society's hidden base in the wasteland.

But although Roth is on the look-out for Time Lords who might show up to investigate the disappearance of the original research team, he's overlooked the possibility that the Time Lords - whom his hostages have led him to believe are a race of unworldly academics - might have human criminals in their employ. That oversight allows Joel Pearce to join the Alexandrian Society's supply operation at the spaceport without being detected.

Joel and Gwyllgi assume that Galen has been captured after losing contact with him, and put together a hasty plan to use a supply shuttle to infiltrate a rescue party into the wasteland base. Roth is taken completely by surprise when he starts getting garbled reports that the base is under attack by a hell-hound and a group of zombies, but on the principle that discretion is the better part of valour, he sets the base to self-destruct and flees in one of the Society's new time machines. He tries to take Galen with him, but Joel and Gwyllgi arrive in the nick of time to rescue him. Most of the base personnel, being career criminals, run for their lives the moment they hear the self-destruct klaxon, leaving the base deserted. Aborting the self-destruct with moments to spare, Galen learns from the base's computer records that not only is his brother still alive, but also that the Time Lord research team is being held prisoner in Earth's past.

Chapter Six: Or Goblin Damn'd

London, England, Earth, 1923 AD

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The sixth story sees Cypher, Galen and their human companions reunited, as Galen goes to London in 1923 in search of his brother and becomes embroiled in Torchwood's investigation of Sekhor's experiments.

At the end of the story, both Charlie Longwood and Harry Bishop choose to join the group, which sets off for nineteenth century Egypt to rescue the three Time Lords being held captive by Andreas Roth.

Chapter Seven: Death on the Nile

Egypt, 1888 AD

The finale of the first "season" begins in Cairo. The computer records that Galen found on Badonicus indicated that the kidnapped Time Lord research team is being held in an archaeological dig near Abu Simbel in the year 1888. Having learned from Cypher's earlier encounter with him that Andreas Roth has the ability to detect a TARDIS, the group reluctantly decides to leave theirs behind in Cairo and travel up the Nile in one of Thomas Cook's steamers. (Galen makes a quick adjustment to Gwyllgi's Shimmer to render him as a large but relatively inconspicuous Alsatian so that he can accompany them).

The voyage on the steamer is an eventful one. One of the passengers, Benedict Meriston, is an impoverished European aristocrat who murdered an Egyptian merchant during the June riots in Alexandria, and stole his jewel collection. The victim's nephew, a man named Jamal Kouri, follows Meriston, and tries to kill him in revenge, using a poisonous scorpion. When Joel Pearce, acting under Gwyllgi's supervision, uses a 24th century medical kit to save Meriston's life, he unwittingly makes Cypher's entire group targets as well. Kouri makes a clumsy attempt to frame them for theft by planting a pearl necklace stolen from another passenger's cabin in Joel's room. Kouri's scheme fails, but when they learn of his grievance, Cypher's party join forces with him to uncover Meriston's crime. Meriston is locked in his stateroom under guard until the authorities can take him into custody upon the ship's return to Cairo.

As the ship approaches Abu Simbel, Galen begins scanning for artron traces and gets a firm reading. The steamer is due to come within a few miles of the location the next day.

That night, however, Egyptian bandits armed with 27th century blasters board the steamer and take the passengers and crew hostage. Thinking fast, Galen orders Gwyllgi to stand down and pretend to be a dog. His photon blaster might be able take out a few of the attackers, but not all of them - and not quickly enough to stop at least some of the passengers and crew getting hurt or killed in the crossfire. A smirking Andreas Roth takes Cypher, Galen and Joel Pearce into custody, but fortunately, he hasn't met Charlie or Harry, so he assumes them to be ordinary passengers, and he's only ever seen Gwyllgi as a hellhound, so he doesn't make the association between it and someone's pet Alsatian.

Roth's base of operations is about a dozen miles away. It essentially consists of a large circle of tents surrounding an immense pit dug out of the desert sands. At the bottom of the pit is a square stone doorway, cut with perfect, mathematical precision, that opens out into a large artificial cave system; an Osiran equipment dump. A couple of Roth's time machines are parked on the rim of the pit, under heavy guard. Equally heavily guarded is the tent containing the three captive Time Lords. Roth has been unable to bring the equipment dump's systems back on line, and his three hostages all claim to be historians, not technicians. He hopes, Roth observes, that Cypher and Galen can do better; and he intends to kill one passenger on the steamer for every twenty-four hours which passes without his hopes being fulfilled.

Harry and Charlie drug the meals of the bandits on the steamer, and then lead a party to rescue Cypher, Galen and Joel. Once he knows that the passengers are safe, Galen activates the Osiran service robots stored in the equipment dump, intending to use them as muscle to subdue Roth and his thugs. Unfortunately, he trips one of the Osirans' security protocols in his haste. The Servicers re-activate, but immediately begin following their original directive to protect the equipment dump and destroy any intruders.

Roth's men are mostly superstitious peasants, bandits he's hired locally. When they see a group of bandaged figures lumber out of the tomb, around half of them flee in terror. Several others are crushed in the Servicers' deadly grip before the others gather their wits enough to open fire. Their blasters have a limited effect on the Servicers, whose internal structure is mostly empty space, but their combined fire does manage to bring down several of the clumsy giants.

Roth flees in one of the timeships in the confusion. Cypher frees the three Time Lord hostages and escapes with them in the other time machine, promising to keep his brother's survival a secret on his return to Gallifrey.